Snack Menu

All the authenticity of traditional Asian flavours and cooking techniques, presented in a way that’s completely unique! We use fresh, seasonal produce and handcraft each dish in our own kitchen. Best Seafood on bay street, Brighton.

Please let your waiter know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements.


Fried Chicken $8


Deep Fried Dumplings $8

Duck Spring Rolls $8


Taiwanese Sausage $8

Teriyaki Beef Skewer $8


Silver Silk Roll (deep fried) $8


Mushroom Skewer $8


Takoyaki (squid ball) $8


Sweet Corn Soup $8

Milk Tea Pudding (Strawberry) with Strawberry Popping Ball $8


Milk Tea Pudding (Original) with Mango Popping Ball $8


Green Tea Pudding with Kiwi Popping Ball $8


Taro Ball Skewer $8


Chicken Hammer (Chicken wings) $8


Salt and Pepper Calamari $10


Taiwanese Sandwich (seafood) $10


Scallop Skewer $10


Prawn with Mayonnaise $10


Sweet Chilli Rockling $10


Prawn Dumplings $10


Boba Chocolate Cake $10


Rice and Noodle

Duck and Seafood Fried Rice $22

Shredded duck, prawn, and vegetables with rice.

Vegetarian Fried Rice $18

Mushroom, tofu, seasonal vegetables with rice.

Duck and Seafood Fried Noodle $22

Stir fried hokkien noodle with Shredded duck, prawn, and vegetables in oyster sause.

Vegetarian Fried Noodle $18

tir fried hokkien noodle with Mushroom, tofu and seasonal vegetables in oyster sause.